Our primary objective is to create near-term and lasting value for all our stakeholders and drive sustainable economic growth in the areas where we operate through a dynamic and innovative approach.

Vision 2025:

By 2025, we aim to establish ourselves in the automotive EV industry, becoming a trusted provider of innovative electric vehicle solutions. Simultaneously, we aim to be a major player in metallurgy production and a leader in global exports and imports. By driving advancements in EV technology and metallurgical excellence, we aspire to shape the future of sustainable mobility and contribute to the growth and development of industries worldwide.


The Company’s overall goal is to create stakeholder value through sustainable development, taking account of all the economic, social and environmental aspects of our business and to be the most admired and serving company in our every domain. Our mission focusses on revolutionizing the industries we operate, and we shall operate in the near future.

Core Value

Care for community | Driving sustainability | Extreme ownership