Balabel is involved in a wide variety of operational and maintenance work, including but not limited to the following

Our highly skilled Operational maintenance employee's play a critical and multifaceted role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the facility which encompasses a comprehensive range of activities aimed at maintaining equipment, optimizing processes, and minimizing downtime to maximize production output and product quality.

Through meticulous attention to detail and adherence to established maintenance protocols, operational maintenance teams strive to create a reliable and robust operating environment that supports the metallurgical processes at every stage.

By implementing preventive and predictive maintenance strategies, conducting timely repairs and replacements, and emphasizing calibration and alignment, we contribute to the overall operational effectiveness, safety, and longevity of the plant's equipment and machinery. The expertise and dedication of the operational maintenance team are paramount in sustaining the plant's production capacity, meeting customer demands, and ensuring the continued success of the plant.


Solutions that we offer?

  • Mechanical Work Team
  • Civil Work Team
  • Electrical Team (Instrument & HVC)
  • Operators for Heavy Equipments & Vehicles
  • Refractory Work Team
  • Insultation & Piping Work Team
  • Trained & Certified Scaffolders & Riggers
  • Painters & Blasters
  • Highly Skilled Personnel in Specific Trades
  • Vast Range of Trade Personnel’s; Multi-skilled workforce experience in: Metallurgy, Refinery, Petrochemical Power & Desalination & Port handling Personnel.
  • Firefighting Team