Personal integrity is paramount to us, so at every level of work we act with integrity, trust and respect, be responsible stewards of the environment, and serve as role models in safety in the workplace and in their communities.

Yash Thakur

Mr Yash Thakur is a part of the founder family of Balabel Group, which was founded by an exceptional yet successful leader, Shri Deepak Kumar Ji. He is currently an apprentice at Balabel Group overseeing the entire business operations & management.

Under his leadership, Balabel Group is embarking upon modern & beneficial work pattern and reluctantly increasing the company’s budget whilst lowering expenses in different sectors.

Yash Ji, has been involved and working with the company since the very age of 18 and have shown excellent leadership and time-management skills. His sole approach for Balabel Group is to spread it’s reach in every other industrial sector.

He is a vivid sportsperson, an accomplished Cricketer, passionate about fitness and have an exceptional skill in the IT department as well hence, the brand logo for Balabel Group have been created by Yash Ji himself. He did his early schooling in Delhi and currently is a Business & Management (Economics) undergrad at Bournemouth University, United Kingdom.